Often times people misconstrue the simplicity of a conference and hire an event planner who then beats up your venue into a wedding event. Really bizarre. It’s not really so hard trust me. Depending on the scope of your conference, you might not need to hire an event planner. I have put together six steps to organizing conferences. Please enjoy as you read and don’t forget to share.

Step 1 :  Have your to-do list

This could be like a road map from start to finish. And this will help you keep track of all that needs to be done. This is very important and ensure you stick to the plan.



Step 2: Delegate Duties

Once this to-dos’ are done with, have your team ready and delegate duties form the to-do list. Often times people believe they can do it all by themselves. But you fail to see that there are more important task you have to accomplish. It’s safer to delegate this other task to your team and supervise. Follow up on each assign task and ensure it is satisfactory.



Step 3: Find a Venue

Depending on the number of attendees you are inviting, this would give you an idea of the venue you intend to hire. Do note that the venue can cater for the attendees, easily accessible/easy to find and it is well within your budget. If you intend to find a venue now, please visit this page and filter through an array of venues in your locality.

Step 4: Publicize your event or conference

All social media platforms are welcome. Consider the number of contacts you have on all your social media platforms, oh that’s including your email and telephone contacts. (I bet you’ll have a healthy number). Send out well designed and colorful flyers to all you contact and ask them to share with their contacts as well.

Ensure that your flyers provide details such as information about the conference, the schedule, link for registrations as well as all the essential contacts is a must. Depending on the number of attendees expected, you might have to hire a PR for good publication.

Step 5: Keep Keynote Speakers Informed

This should be on your to-do list. You should have a list of potential speakers. Contact these speakers well in advance to know their availability on the date of your event. Where necessary, coordinate details of the travel, transport and accommodation for the duration of the conference.

Step 6: Catering


Finger foods aka small chops is ideal for a conference event. Depending on the duration of the event, you might have to serve breakfast and lunch. Ensure that whatever is served should be light, in order not to have your attendees doze sleep off during the event (which happens oftentimes).

After the event, it is encouraging to serve cocktails while your attendee meet and network to discuss the days activity.


Scan through your to-do list and “check” all that is complete. However, you have to make room for contingencies, because not all event goes as planned. In such situations do not bicker or panic over them, do your best to resolve them quickly and move one. The event must go on. After the event ensure to get feedback from your attendees to know where you might need to improve on, on you next episode.



Charles Okpala LLB BL ACIArB (UK) LLM




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