Without a doubt, driving in Lagos can be traumatizing. Arriving at wedding receptions can sometimes be a very daunting task. The last thing you’d want is for your newly acquired vehicle to be bashed by the crazies on the road.

Sometimes, I see well-dressed people, headed for an occasion (perhaps wedding receptions), not minding their looks anymore, engage themselves to a fist broll in broad day light, over a scratch, dent or “kiss” on a car.

Saturdays, which is meant to be a traffic free day in Lagos, where one is expected to cruise easily from point A to B, has sadly become one of the worst traffic days ever, due to the number of wedding receptions, get-togethers, parties and other events happening.

Or sometimes, you look so fly for an event, well dressed in your laced attire and face beat up by a top notch MUA, ready to slay at an event (Instagram and snapchat quality). For the guys, well-tailored trad outfit with your N5k haircut, inspired to take home a “trophy” or perhaps get a dozen numbers before the end of the event.

But sadly you don’t have a car or for some reason, your car isn’t going for the event. Jumping a bus or taking those state-of the-art taxis isn’t an option or else you’d arrive at the event with car fumes as foundation on your face and perfume.

As a host of an event, you really don’t want these kind of stories flying as your guest travel down to the venue. Also as a host you should be mindful of your venue destination and how your guest intends to get there. Unfortunately, you can’t hire a bus to pick you all your guest scattered all over Lagos.

Arriving at Wedding Receptions

But here’s what you could do, you could book your event venue on amgvenues.com.ng and be entitled to a discounted Uber taxi service for all your guest coming to your event.

Here’s how it works: search for your desired venue, book it to reserve the date, a unique code will be given to you. When sending out invites to your guest, depending on how you distribute your invites, the unique promo code can be inscribed on the invitation card or email, which entitles all invited guest to this fantastic offer. Really, you save a great deal of people from the menace of Lagos traffic.

To Use Uber

  • Download the Uber app for free from Google play or App store
  • Register an account with your bank card or cash
  • Select an option: UberX or Uber SELECT
  • Use promo code and get a free ride with the value of N2000
  • Request a ride and have the driver available in minutes

Uber and AMGvenues are in partnership with an aim of reducing the hassles of planning an event for both the host and the guest. Getting great discounts from a wide collection of venues and having your guest have the “Uber experience”, arriving at the venue in one piece. You can be guaranteed that your event would be nothing but a success.

This promo is exclusive to Lagos and Abuja only.


Charles Okpala LLB BL ACIArB (UK) LLM

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