Advertise on AMG Venues. Reach a wider audience and boost your venue reach beyond your locality. With heavy site traffic from our customers, your venue, product or service is bound to get viewed by millions of people daily. Advertising with us, you reach millions of people, both home and abroad and boost your sales. Here are the different ways you can advertise;


Home Page Banner

A large image of your venue displayed on the Home page for first impression. Perfect for branding your venue and leaving a lasting impression on the site visitors. Site visitors can be awestruck by the beauty or brand name of the venue and immediately key the name into the search for an insight.

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Home Page “Featured Venues” Section

The Homepage Featured Venue is a great way to advertise on AMG Venues. This instantly gives an insight into the venue, its features, price, contact number and discount (if any). This is very effective and drives the highest traffic to venues

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Search Page

Another great place to advertise on AMG Venues. Search ranking places venues on priority ranking. This is also effective as site visitors are more likely to select venues on the first page or perhaps first venue appearing, being lazy to go further to page two. Search result is distinct to the various cities being searched.










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Side Bars

Side Bars is another great way to advertise on AMG Venues. Side bars allow site visitors see other products or services of the venue or other vendors. A perfect way for vendors to drive traffic to their own page or website. Side bars are most effect ways for the venue to publicize its promo or deal package for visitors to see. The side bar is on every page besides the Home Page.











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